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Neurofeedback for Individuals

Neurofeedback is used as an aid for optimal brain functioning, whether it is peak performers seeking to improve their extraordinary skills, or people looking for alternative solutions to resolving physiological, mental, emotional, or physical dysregulations.

How is Neurofeedback Done?


An initial interview, health history and testing are done to assess brain function, understand symptoms, and to design an individualized training protocol. Sensors are placed on the scalp to monitor the electrical signal in the targeted area. The signal will then be monitored by way of an amplifier and the computer software will process it and allow the brain to witness it through a game or video. This will help the brain learn about its own activity and shift to a more appropriate and optimal functioning level. Over time, the brain learns how to self-regulate and maintain gains achieve through repetition of training. The aim is greater stability, greater flexibility, and faster recovery from dysregulation.

How Long Does Training Take?

Each session involves about 30 minutes of training plus 15 minutes setup and discussion. EEG training is a learning process. Therefore, the results are seen gradually over time. While changes in symptoms are typically seen early on during training, a certain amount of repetition is needed to achieve initial goals. Depending on how sensitive the brain is to this method, how quickly it responds to the training, and what kind of symptoms we are trying to impact, we might get done in as little as 20 sessions or we might need 40 or more session to achieve the desired outcomes. Progress is monitored and tested along the way to maximize effectiveness.

Who Can Benefit?

Individuals of any age can benefit from EEG training. Neurofeedback can help a variety of childhood problems including bedwetting, nightmares, attention deficits and other forms of disruptive and disturbing behaviors. Neurofeedback can assist adolescents who struggle with anxiety and depression or drug and alcohol use. For adults, neurofeedback can alleviate symptoms of physical and emotional problems such as migraines or PTSD.


Neurofeedback can help anyone maintain good brain function as they age. Peak performers also use EEG training to enhance their abilities in sports, business, and the arts.


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Includes: consultation, baseline standardized test, and neurofeedback session.



30-minute training sessions

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Includes: consultation and standardized performance retest.

What Clients Say


I highly recommend Roxana Sasu for her professionalism, expertise in Neurofeedback, and overall approach in treating individuals with special needs! Our son who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s followed an intensive two-week neurofeedback training. We had lots of questions and very little knowledge about this technique, but Roxana explained how Neurofeedback could help improve our son’s behavioral issues.I still remember the impact of the first neurofeedback session when my son started to notice my wife’s hair color, tell us how much he loves us, and being more present with us for the entire day. Throughout the two weeks of training, we’ve accomplished results that we could never dream of before, such as my son being more present, conversational, caring, and loving, lack of any tantrum, anxiety, or tics. I will highly recommend Roxana not only for her expertise and experience in Neurofeedback but equally, if not even more important for her approach and full dedication and engagement with her patients.

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My neurofeedback therapy with Roxana Sasu has been life-changing. The very idea that I would experience a cumulative and lasting brain calming and central nervous system rebalancing appealed to me greatly. It has been Roxana’s extraordinary traditional medical background combined with her holistic philosophy about the mind/body connection that insures my trust in her neurofeedback expertise. As a sharp teacher of brain science, and as a healing practitioner who works from an intuitive kindness with her clients, she has helped me to shift my energetic/emotional set point from an untethered anxiety to a more consistent state of observable ease. Through neurofeedback she has helped me to gently witness early traumas, rather than remain stuck in them. Many unwanted physical conditions -- including the lessening of anxiety and depression -- have been transformed as a result. I practiced meditation before I began to work with Roxana, yet because of neurofeedback this practice has deepened significantly. My ability to self-soothe and quiet my mind comes more readily to me, placing me more frequently in that observer’s seat of my own life. What can I say -- neurofeedback is a great mental declutterer and mind focuser! It’s been such a powerful gift in my self-care tool box, and I couldn’t have created a more intelligent, loving and authentic technician to work, play and grow with. I am very thankful to have met Roxana on the joyous path of self-knowing.


Roxana Sasu is a highly skilled and attuned practitioner.  She is extremely knowledgeable about brain neuroscience, neurofeedback techniques and protocols and she also has that rare ability to refine neurofeedback techniques and protocols to meet the nuances of her clients’ needs.  A European trained medical doctor and a warm caring person — I am so grateful for all she’s done for me.

Roxana has the dual capacity of being very smart and attuned, which makes her an exceptional neurofeedback practitioner. She has provided intensive neurofeedback packages for me and several of my family in the past few years - all of which have been very rewarding. We traveled from Australia to do neurofeedback and our high hopes were well exceeded. Roxana quickly assessed my neurofeedback needs and personal goals. She optimized my protocol efficiently. This meant I got a tremendous amount out of my training with Roxana. I can honestly say that I am calmer, more resourced, wiser, happier and more courageous as a result of her training with me. I also found an enhanced life trajectory which has had a long lasting effect. I highly recommend Roxana.

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