The ILF Neurofeedback Basic Course at Neurotopia offers a fantastic opportunity for clinicians wanting to add a powerful technique to their existing toolbox, in order to achieve better clinical outcomes with their clients. 


The course is a balanced combination of theory, discussion and practice that offers participants the chance to experience the training themselves and learn from their own Neurofeedback journey, as well as from the group. This allows practitioners to develop the necessary skill needed to successfully and confidently start offering the approach immediately after the course. 


This course is organized in two modules, 2 and 1/2 days each, one week apart. This makes it convenient for busy clinicians to attend the course and prepare over the 40 hours of training to use the approach with their patients. 


Module I offers insight into the history of the approach, the neurophysiological basis of Neurofeedback and the core concepts as foundation for the clinical work. We will be looking into the assessment process and how to understand brain dysregulations and their manifestations and apply that knowledge to design individualized training protocols. As part of module I, we learn about the technology used for ILF Neurofeedback - Cygnet and will practice using this technology throughout the course.


Module II continues a week later with discussions on developing the training protocols and interpreting training outcomes to adjust the treatment plan for better clinical results. We will continue with going more in-depth discussions about categories of symptoms and what the clinical approach entails for each of them. Case studies, symptom tracking and objective testing are all part of this module as well. 


After the course, we offer 4 mentoring hours, one each week, to further support the learning and the implementation of the method into your practice. 


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Infra-Low Neurofeedback Basic Course

  • Registration to this course ends two weeks before the first day of class. Upon registering you will be shipped the necessary materials and equipment you will be using throughout the course.

    We request that you cancel at least 2 weeks or more before your scheduled class. This will allow us to offer your spot to another Customer. You may email us at to cancel.

    You will receive a full refund (100%) if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the start date. Any cancelations within the two week period before the start date will result in a deduction of the shipping costs to return the equipment from the paid amount.